Make a paper plane launcher

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Make a paper plane launcher
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of the switch. Test which way we need wire the first motor: Hold the launcher upside down, with the motors facing you and the battery holder towards the bottom, like it is in the picture. Test which way we need to wire the second motor: We want the right motor to spin clockwise. Your switch might only have one row, or maybe even just two tabs. Glue the battery pack in position, halfway along the bamboo, so that it holds the two pieces of bamboo in place. Pop the wheel onto the motor; you might want to use a tiny bit of hot glue. Step 4: Completed Product. Add more glue across the bamboo of the handle and launcher mechanism to reinforce. In this step I finest paper cut the bottom of the pringle can to make it completely hollow. Make sure you still have the small gap between the tyres before gluing another piece of bamboo at the same height on the other side of the motors. Cut the red wire so that you can attach one end to the centre pin of the switch. Step 5: LET'S wire IT UP Now we're going to wire up the motors and battery pack, and add a switch.

Make a paper plane launcher: Duke clinical psychology phd

Ll be using the battery pack as the piece that holds the parts together. Get your plane ready, you can solder the wires in place at this point if you like just make sure that both motors are spinning in the correct direction first. Assembly, this is the handle, we need motors to move in clock and in anti clock directions. Using double side tapes fix the motors and battery holder as shown. And slide it gently forward along the groove amu until it sits just behind the wheels as you can see in the pictures. Re also going to want to put tape of the wings of each paper plane to keep them together.

Here's how to build an electric paper plane launcher.We've worked on this design for a while, whittling it down to a minimum number of parts and doing our best.In this ible I'l show you how to build a fun.Paper Planes, launcher for free.

Fevicol PVA glue, glue the switch in position, wiring the motors together negative terminals. First test the motors and find the direction. On Off Switch 2 Wheels, step 1, ll tell you what to do in that case. Electrical Connections, s what youapos, hereapos, step 5, step. Or pictures or video to show. Fold an A4 sheet of paper in half along its length. Wait and gently perform iron the cut. Launch Device, step 1, re going to need to build this thing. Got any questions, aA batteries 3V DC motors, makeshop if you are in Dublin.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).Too close, and the plane will get stuck; too far apart, and the launcher won't grip the plane well enough.