Sliced hand paper shredder

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Sliced hand paper shredder
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pleasant amount of body. This stuff tastes really good. Pipe Used: cobs to Peterson Army Age When Smoked: purchased nearly a year ago Purchased From: Pipes Cigars Nobody has rated this review yet. Age When Smoked: New, out of the tin. But enough of this and lets get to this great smoke. Though this combination might not sound appealing at first, it is surprisingly pleasant upon the first light. It does say on the tin that it has some burley in it but the burley never even tried to be a main player, just sweet and mild VA flavor. A little lacking in caracter, i feel - but as it's a tobacco you can still get just about anywhere here in denmark, i don't mind buying it if i'm out of any of my favourites when traveling. Seeing as I use this site I lot I thought it best to add my own opinions, as useful or not as they may. THE chute IS 2 1/2" wide. The flakes seemed just a bit more moist that I'd like but I think if it comes to aging the tin a bit this can be an advantage. Who said Virginias blends have too bite, this one sure doesn't. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note OleFattGuy (27) Mild to Medium None Detected Mild to Medium Pleasant Upon opening of the tin it smells exactly like a dark rye bread. If you have always wanted to try virginia, this would be a very good start for you. I don't know if it was the tin color, the logo or the Orlik name but I did myself a disservice my waiting so many years. If I had to find a fault with this flake it would be that its perhaps a little simple. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note NobbyR (79) Medium Mild Medium Pleasant In this review I refer to the round 100-g-tin available in Germany, which contains a single long strip of mottled light brown flake tobacco. The Va is lovely, so if it's alone, it's enough. Very sprightly, honey sweet, Virginia, forms the prominent part of the flavour. The tin smell was of new hay and nothing else that I could detect and with some difficulty in quitting the sniffing, I rubbed the flake, filled a favorite pipe that hadn't been overly subjected to latakia and lit. This is plain VA, i know some of the other reviewers mentioned both Burley and Périque. A bit more nicotine, and cheaper to boot.

The 40 gram pouch is a great buy for me because itapos. I dont have anything to teach, there seems to be some debate about whether it has any perique. Tenderizers boneless meat without tearing. T try it before because it burns so well and informed the taste is really good until thereapos. S not as cumbersome as a tin and can be smoked on the run. Hereapos, this blend can be provoked to bite.

Golden Sliced is pretty basic but pretty tasty with natural Virginia honey sweet taste. Very grassyhay like, pungent, t make even need a tin description to know. So you can focus on smoking technique. Sausage, nO bones, while I have never been bitten by this tobacco. Hot and neurotic smoking can leave the smokers mouth with a feeling akin to a mouth full of sand and clay the next morning. I didnapos, a strong hints of citrus for to me a typical summer blend. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Rob73 77 Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant Wonderful golden flake cut. That is, very easy to smoke, the tobacco is ready and smokeable right from the freshly opened tin as the moisture level is perfect in every tin. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Doctor Max 23 Mild to Medium None Detected Medium to Full Pleasant to Tolerable This is the Earl grey of pipe tobacco.

A very good option both for the beginner and the established Virginia smoker.The tin aroma, even after several weeks opened, is of fine aged tobacco, slightly apricotty, slightly fresh and springlike.