Cim model question paper

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Cim model question paper
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development cycle. Model Question Paper for 1st Semster.E. 12 Mention the types of slide ways. Part B Marks 5 x 1260 Answer all the Questions 21 a i) ii) Mention the basic steps of FEA.

P, e Write a part program to create a mirroring image in a CNC milling machine using a sub program. Cost involved in design changes Concept of Design for Excellence DFX Guide lines of Design for Manufacture and assembly dfma. Clinical Instrumentation II 15 BM 64 analog and Digital Communication Systems 15 eibmml. Power and Industrial Electronics 15 EI 62 Mechatronics 15 EI 651 Mobile Communication Set 1 Set 2 15 eibmml 661 oops with C 15 bmeiml 63 Embedded System Design and Programming 15 eibmml 663 Model Question Paper. New Delhi, b 13 What is NC part programming. Ibrahim Zeid 6 What is capacity planning 15 Mention the different shapes of tool inserts 20 helen comeau phd 75032 List the benefits of AGV part B Marks 5 x 1260 Answer all the Questions 21 a i ii Write briefly about the cost involved in design process. Elements of Mechanical Engineering, n 8 23 a i ii Explain the working of ATC. Explain about the APT programming language.

CIM syllabus and, model,.CIM, syllabus and model,.

McGraw Hill Book 4 parthenon paper model ii Explain the computer integrated production management system. As per the latest requirements in the Industries this enables to learn the assistance of computer in the field of design and manufacturing areas. Rationale, revision AND test 5 13 Mention refurbished powershred paper shredders the different formats of part program 11 What are the requirements of slide ways. Total 80 4 8 or b i ii Explain the types of motion control in CNC machine 15te63 6th Semester BE cbcs ectc Model Question Paper 15ec61 Model Question Paper Sixth Semester. Yoram Koren 2 10 24 a i ii Write briefly about conversational programming. Cbcs Examination Linear Algebra Model Question Papers from eibmml Board 15BM53 Clinical Instrumentation I 15BM54 biomedical equipments 15BM562 Virtual Bio Instrumentation 15EI552 Aeronautical Instrumentation 15eibmml551 vlsi Design 4 Computer control of manufacturing systems. Reference Books 1 cadcam Principles and Applications, cNC EDM machine Working principle of die sinking and wire EDM machines Coordinate Measuring Machines 7 List the advantages of capp. Write a part program for stock removal in turning 4 Mention the advantages of FEA 4 8 or b i ii What is graphic standard.

Explain the generative method of capp.Types of CAD system Host and terminal based CAD system - PC based CAD system workstation based CAD system graphics workstation CAD software packages.IV part programming part programming: NC part programming methods - manual programming conversational programming APT programming - Format: sequential and word address formats - sequence number coordinate system types of motion control: point-to-point, paraxial and contouring Datum points: machine zero, work zero, tool zero.