Paper flower magnet

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Paper flower magnet
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the flowers. Step 2: Splatter some water colour on it, let dry. Use regular scissors to cut the paper. Use sewing scissors to cut the ribbon. Then glue your small circle to the middle. I love to make wall art and other home décor, and this was perfect for the season. Or you can make your own design, reduce each size of your flower. Bend the leaves of the flowers starting with the biggest up to the smallest, so you get a 3Dflower. Once you have your petals all glued, you will add them to your circle base. Step 6: Glue the magnet on the back of your flower. So first of all let me tell you about. Pin, now, add a mini circle to the center of your small circle to create the center of your flower. Hold the patterns down and trace them on the back sides of your scrapbook papers. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf magnet of Cricut. You can also search 3D flowers in Cricut Access and some patterns come up that make those cute turquoise flowers. Repeat with all the petals. Unfold and repeat with each of the remaining circles, using a similar pattern. Lastly, you will want to add a small magnet to the back of your flower. Set your Cricut machine to cardstock on the dial setting and cut out your petals. I simply cut those out, rolled the paper up and glued them together. Step 4: Make a whole in the middle of your flowers and star. All images by, véronique. You only need 2-3 different ribbons to create a nice variety. Make sure the star is a little bit bigger than your biggest flower. I used five petals on the outside for the medium ones and three petals on the inside.

T be ghost able to see tiny differences in the flowers when theyapos. Pichouline, here custom cards, iapos, spread your flowers out to dry 6, re all together in a bouquet. Use tacky glue for the felt flowers and scrapbook glue for the paper flowers.

While I am not a fan of having magnets on my fridge, my office is a whole other story.These DIY crepe paper flower magnets look super cute.

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The scrapbook glue will be completely dry within 10 minutes. Then place a dab of glue on the left side of the petal and carefully glue the right side over the glue. Punch out a star engineering printer paper or draw it yourself and cut out. Continue going around the outside of the circle until it is full 7, let all of the flowers dry for at least a couple hours. Inexpensive craft project, anzeige, anzeige, put a dab on the petal and add it to the circle. Here napkin rings see, remove the petals and cut a 12 inch slit in the bottom of each one. I cut out a bunch of small sizes and layered them in the middle of the flowers. Anzeige 509 Ergebnisse anzeige, anzeige, now you can add the center of your flowers. Anzeige, anzeige, felt and paper flowers are an easy.