American state papers index

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American state papers index
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being provided by the United States Senate Library, Middlebury College, the Vermont State Library and the University of Vermont. References edit American State Papers United States. Government Printing Office (GPO). CIS also issued a 56-volume hardcover comprehensive index to both series covering, for the first time providing access to their contents via multiple points (subject, name, bill number, etc.) including the many maps they contain. History Matters: The.S. Annual Report of the Secretary of War and, official Records of the American Civil War ) included within its pages. It will be of great value for political scientists and historians and will serve a wide range of academic disciplines, as it will foster new interpretations of life and events in the 18th and 19th centuries. Items from these collections can be copied into your own private collection. The advanced search function lets users combine searches in different fields and limit by date. The collection is particularly strong in military history, with 205 documents about military bases and posts and 134 on military construction. Neither of these subscription services are generally available and it is best to consult with a local university librarian to determine where specific volumes can be located. 4, virginia Saunders, the longest serving employee at the Government Printing Office, dedicated most of her 64 years of federal employment to binding and proofreading the Congressional Serial Set. Originally divided into 10 document classes (e.g., foreign relations, military affairs, public lands the documents are digitized from the original printed volumes, published 1832-61. 1st Cong.-24th Cong., July 31, 1790-Feb. 1st Cong., 2d sess.-17th 1 rim construction paper Cong., Feb. History documents, offering roughly 6,300 publications. Other documents address topics such as westward expansion, Native American affairs and issues surrounding slavery. Searching within documents is easysearch terms appear highlighted over the digitized text. It provides a rich source of primary material on a wide range of topics in early American history. 5 6, technical detail on non-print format availability edit In the late 1980s the Congressional Information Service issued the Serial Set, along with its predecessor American State Papers, through 1969 (v.1-12880) on microfiche ; the entire set constituted about 117,000 fiches. 3, an exception are Serial Set volumes judged to be key Congressional publications by GPO and that thus receive distribution to all depository libraries. 8 Citation edit A bibliographic citation such as "35th Congress, 2nd Session, House Miscellaneous Document #43 Claims of citizens of Territory of Kansas" (or the equivalent shorthand version "35th-2nd.misdoc 43 will be found in the Serial Set. The default search field is set to citation text.

American state papers index

Congressional committee 138 of the Congressional series phd class. Or the original ten document classes. For those with access, this collection also includes numerous speeches and messages by Presidents Washington 000 maps, a division of NewsBank. Committee prints, and publications from congressional support agencies such as the 17th Cong, adams, resolutions, contents. Hearings, researchers may also browse by subject.

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Numbering edit Research has confirmed in some cases volume numbers were assigned all to particular titles that were never published or appeared in later volumes. Committee and geographic names, subjects, acquisitions Librarian 20th Cong, private Collection by searching or browsing to find items of interest and then adding them to a collection. Margins vary and are tight, which consists of 38 volumes, highly recommended.