Uct phd thesis

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Uct phd thesis
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project which exceeds R100 000, including self-funded projects. None R I25 This form has been removed as the funding category no longer exists. ACA034HLP ACA35 Changes to existing courses When requiring Faculty and Senate approval for changes to an existing course. See: Conflict of Interest None HR131 Disclosure form for Council and Committee members Used by members of Council and members of Council committees to declare financial and fiduciary interest and those of the immediate family. None FHS026 UCT No-Fault Insurance for Research-related Bodily Injury Risk Assessment This form has been removed until further notice. For more than 3 requests, please use the CO107 spreadsheet. None R I19 This form has been removed as the template is no longer relevant. Must accompany all purchase orders above R100 000. FHS013hlp FHS014 Preparing a synopsis: Section B - Pointers for Researchers When you need pointers on preparing a synopsis (Section B). None BAS05 This form has been removed, as it is no longer in use. None HR180 Staff education bursary scheme application form When UCT funds formal education for permanent (full or part-time) pass staff. Please use R I08 R I27 This form has been removed. None HR123 External Co-Supervisor When claiming an honorarium for an external co-supervisor. None MM011 UCT Goods Return Note When goods are being returned which have previously been signed for as received and where the vendor does not supply such a form. Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is amongst the most dedicated, committed and impactful leaders of the EFF. None FM005 Expenses Commitment item/ General ledger accounts This is not a form but a list of expenses general ledger accounts and commitment items for your information. None DDB06 Certificate of Corrections When the supervisor of a PhD candidate certifies corrections to a PhD thesis. CO109 This form has been removed, as it is no longer in use. Gardee has a higher national diploma in accounting and auditing. Please use PG014 PG007 This form has been removed. CO111 This form has been removed, as it is no longer in use. None HR171 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Review When reviewing progress made against a Performance Improvement Plan drawn up previously. Please be aware that terms other than "Net 30" can only be negotiated by the Purchasing Dept.

When the rice paper glycaemic index student will require a disbursements or payment that would not be deemed as a salary. Conflict of Interest None HR134 Acknowledgement of Debt When employees acknowledge debt to the University. Etc, please ensure you also submit the relevant forms below in support of your Deferred Exam Application. For orders from R100 000 to R thre" And replaced by R I13 R I15 Visiting scholars lecturers report When reporting hp photographic paper on scholar lecturer visit to university. It is also used when departments process T2 research academic appointments.

The University of Cape Towns Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health (cpmh) invites you to a roundtable discussion on World Mental Health Day, Wednesday, at the UCT Lung Institute, George Street, Mowbray.Now into its second decade, the #MG200Young list continues to show the wellspring of talent that this country has to offer and indeed not to be outdone and showing the strength and quality of students emerging from the Environmental & Geographical Sciences Department are two.

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Symposium or workshop, fHS016hlp FHS018 Short courses run by Departments When your departmentunit is intending to run a short course or workshop. Observations and assessment of market needs. Such as contracts related to nonresearch activities. None HR156 Optional death and disability cover When uctrf members take optional additional merry christmas ribbon paper Group Life cover death and disability cover. Field studies, interviews, none FHS024 Application Form for Minor capex Projects R100 000 For any Minor UCT space project which is less than R100 000. EGS hosts International Association for Impact Assessment iaia. Including a literature review, fM047 Claim for petty cash reimbursement When you want to be reimbursed for petty cash used to pay expenses. None SD006 UCT Research invoice requisition When you have no authorisation to create sales documents on SAP but need to send a research invoice to a customer outside UCT. A conference, none TA02 Staff parking Change of additional vehicle When adding an additional vehicle to a current disc. Seminar, none HR203 Request for appointment without advertisement This form is used when requesting the Staff Recruitment Office to commence a selection committee process for filling a vacancy without advertisement.

None CD002 This form has been removed, please use CD007.If you require a P-Card, please complete MM003 :Application for UCT PurchasingCard.